Privacy policy

In order to safeguard your privacy, Homerun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has a privacy policy as follows to indicate how the company collects, processes and utilizes your information. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us.

1. The way to collect informations
The company may have the following channels to obtain your personal information:
1. When you apply to become a distributor of the company, the company will obtain your personal information after the applicant has personally signed the written application.
2. Personal data provided when you request service directly from this website.
3. Personal information provided when you shop or register on this website.
4. Personal information provided when you participate in marketing activities organized by the company.
The personal data you retain in the Company in all of the above ways are protected by and protected by this Privacy Policy.

2. Range of data collected
Depending on your role with the company, the range of personal data collected by the company will vary.
1. Member (non-dealer): Personal data retained by the member in advance or retained by the user.
2. Dealer: Contains the information that the distributor personally agrees to retain and the personal data that must be provided by the company.
You may choose whether or not to provide the information and the completeness of the information provided, but some website features or services must be used in accordance with the information you provide. If you do not provide complete and correct personal information, some website features or services may Not available.

3.Purpose of collecting data
The company collects personally identifiable information for use in the following purposes:
1. Member (non-dealer): When you register as a member of the company, the company will provide product or event information according to the personal data you keep.
2. Dealer: Provide dealers with immediate and professional logistics support to help them develop their business.

4. Use of collected data
Except for the following points, we will not resell, rent or otherwise provide or transfer your personal data without your prior consent. Any personal data you provide will be stored in a database of domestic and overseas trusted websites and within the company.
1. Member (non-dealer): In order to maintain high quality customer service, we may provide your personal information to your dealer or customer service staff.
Ensure your interest in the process from order to product. You can choose not to disclose the individual by changing your account settings on this website or by contacting the company.
Information to dealers or customer service staff.
2. Dealer: You will receive advice and advice on career development from internal or external professional teams. In order to effectively achieve the above objectives, the company can
The personal information you provide will be provided to your referees as appropriate. The Referrer is obliged to strictly abide by the relevant statements and regulations of this Privacy Policy. one
In general, providing your personal information to referees will help your business operate. If you do not agree to provide your personal information to the referee, the company will
Provide a service that you have the option to refuse to disclose.
3. General use: For effective service dealers or members, the company may provide the personal information of distributors or members to each business within the scope permitted by law.
Strongholds or co-operators to assist in career development and provide member services.
4. Legal requirements: The company may passively provide your personal data at the request of the court or at the request of the government’s public authority. The company also reserves the right to
When the company is fully convinced that there are illegal activities, it will take the initiative to report to the law enforcement agencies, and the disclosure of personal data will help protect the more important society.
It will be safe and public interest.

5. Protection of collected data
The information and account number of your company’s system cannot be viewed by authorized personnel of the company. The Company will take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, disclosure or damage, including internal review of practices such as data collection, processing and utilization, and supporting security measures to ensure storage in the database. The profile in the file will not be accessed without authorization. The company only allows employees, contractors and agents who need to know the relevant personal data to process or use the information, and to represent or assist the company in handling the relevant matters within the scope of the above specific purposes. All of the above persons must abide by the confidentiality obligations and the confidentiality agreement related to the signing, otherwise they may be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal, civil claims and criminal prosecution.

6.Correction of data collection
You can modify your profile by logging into your account on this website. If you find that the information is incorrect and you cannot change it yourself, you can ask the company to correct it. In addition, for legal or commercial purposes, you may request the company to remove it if it is not necessary to retain the information. However, if your request is extremely unreasonable, cost or technically disproportionate, or the requirement is not legally necessary, the company may refuse to process your request.

7. Application of website technology
In order to provide a service that suits your needs, this website and website services may use the technology of cookies to automatically receive and record the server values on your browser, including the IP Address, the information in the cookie and the user’s reading of the web page record.

8. Protection of children’s privacy
The company places special emphasis on and protects children’s privacy needs, and the company encourages parents to play an active role in children’s online activities. This website will never actively or deliberately collect personal data of children under the age of 16. Once the company discovers personal data from children, the company will immediately delete it.

9. Exit service option
If you are unwilling to keep your personal information on this website, or if you are unwilling to receive information about various activities related to marketing, you can use the form of written delivery or call us to contact us. The company will accept the notice of your cessation of use of the information and confirm your identity, and will immediately accept the service, notify the dealer, the internal departments of the company, the business center and the relevant personnel of the third-party manufacturers within a reasonable period of system and operation. Stop using each other’s data and make the necessary corrections in your computer’s control system.

10. Changes to this statement
The Company will have the right to modify this policy at any time and to post notices on this website, subject to changes in the content of the services provided, changes in the state of technology and changes in laws and regulations while protecting the privacy rights of distributors and members. There is no another individual notice.